SEO Internet Marketing

SurfTrends is an assemblage of search engine marketing (SEM) specialists that have agreed to become part of a professional, regulated SEM group.

Every member in the group has at least 500 SEO client hours logged, five web sites they have been directly involved with that have achieved above average rankings for their respective industry's keywords, and each of them have agreed to abide by the standards set by SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization).

The most successful website marketing strategies are those that blend both traditional search engine marketing and targeted keyword marketing.

SurfTrends's consumer services are tailored to businesses that would like to increase the traffic to their websites.

Are you a marketing company, technology consultant, web design firm or traditional media company that would like to offer the services your customers ask about each day, but don't want to incur all of the overhead?

SurfTrends's reseller program is tailored to businesses that would like to extend their product portfolio.

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